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Quick Lock Patch Repair

Pipe re-lining / re-sleeving in inaccessible places, can be complex with varying degrees of difficulties and challenges. Allowing us to be flexible by offering our clients the right options and solutions available when it comes to their Pipe relining and re-sleeving services.

Jet Stream can repair a vast variety of commercial drains including sewer drains, stormwater drains, downpipes, misaligned pipes and much more. We actively repair drains of varying compositions including earthen pipes, cast iron, PVC and more.

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QUICKLOCK is a German-engineered, compression-based trenchless repair system for rehabilitating existing Sewer & Stormwater pipelines. QUICKLOCK system is manufactured from self-locking V4A stainless steel sleeves & seamless EDPM rubber gaskets, and can repair many common defects found in pipes sized between 150 DN – 900 DN.

Our trained, certified technicians guide the Quick Locks sleeve and gasket into position where it is then ready for expansion and locking permanently into place with its integrated ratchet mechanism. QUICKLOCK sleeves can be installed as an isolated point-repair, overlapped to cover longer sections of a damaged pipe, or used to compliment other lining systems. QUICKLOCK offers increased strength and reduced wear when compared to other repair methods.