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Hydro Excavation / NDD

Hydro excavation / Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) is widely utilised in the construction, civil and utilities industries. Our hydro excavation service uses a high velocity water pressure and vacuum system which provides efficiencies and eliminates potential breakup or suck up of vital services. It also reduces noise pollution and disturbance to the local environment.

Non-destructive digging eliminates unnecessary time spent fixing damages and can increase productivity in general. Jet Stream offers an extensive range of Hydro Excavation units for vacuum excavation. Depending on the application, our units range from:

  • 2000L to 12,000L debris tank capacity with 4” and 6” vacuum capability to meet all requirements large or small.
  • Digging pressures of 1000psi to 6000psi with variant flow rates to break up ground conditions from soft, sandy loam soils through to clay, shale, and stabilised sand.

Hydro Excavation / Non-destructive Digging (NDD) offers the following benefits:

  • Asset Protection - Minimised risk of damage to sewer, gas, storm water, telecommunications, and high velocity underground power.
  • Reduction of environmental impact with minimal surface disruption.
  • Reduction of down time.
  • Increase worksite safety.
  • Cost-effective service location
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