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Drain & Pipe Cleaning

Prior to the CCTV entering a drain, a high-pressure jet blaster is used to ensure there are no blockages or obtrusive materials. This is an essential process to ensure drain vision is not impaired in any way.

High-pressure water jetting is a fast and effective way to clear blocked drains. We have truck-mounted high-pressure water jets, portable water jets, and cold and hot water units, providing us with extensive capability to clear blockages caused by tree roots, greasy sludge, litter, and other foreign matter.

Water is forced to pass through the small hole of the jet nozzle at high pressure to clear and clean the toughest blockages and build up. Build up may include rust, paint, chemical residue, concrete, oily waste, dirty ballast, sludge, sewage, tree roots, debris, sediment, grease, silt, and sludge.

Gross pollutant traps (GPTs)

To improve the quality of Storm Water, an efficiently functioning GPT network is essential. Either on an adhoc or scheduled basis, Jet Stream can offer a complete a maintenance inspection program to remove pollutants, sediment, and debris then hot wash the effected network.

Key benefits of high-pressure water blasting:

  • Penetrating and emulsifying grease
  • Breaking through sludge, debris and foreign material
  • Crushing up roots
  • Flushing out all matter to leaving your lines clear
  • Helps us to CCTV inspect pipe work to find cause of blockage
  • Safe and cost efficient
  • Available 24/7

When using a combination of our water jet blaster, and our CCTV camera equipment, this enables us to carry out a more thorough service and is generally advised in cases where ongoing blockages are occurring.

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