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CCTV Pipe Inspections

Jet Stream’s extensive range of plant and equipment provides us with the ability to tailor a range of drain cleaning solutions. Our purpose built range of iPEK and iBAK CCTV technology performs detailed inspections in large sewers with various flow conditions. It assists with the location of defects such as deformations, infiltration and intrusions.

The use of CCTV enables accurate monitoring of sewer and storm water pipe condition for blockages and deterioration. This helps to plan cleaning schedules and future maintenance works. It also reduces downtime on site.

Our CCTV drain cameras are remotely controlled from the surface which allows us to view the drains on a HD screen that clearly shows the condition inside the pipes that would otherwise be hidden from sight. This type of sewer inspection is not only more cost effective as it can identify and pinpoint with the blockage is with the pipes, it also eliminates the need to dig down which ultimately prevents disruption to the surrounding environment.

Reports are compiled and distributed adhering to industry standards and include CCTV footage and Wincan reporting.

Cable and pipe locating and inspection via CCTV offers the following benefits:

  • Record the pipes footage straight onto multiple types of media (e.g. USB, Dropbox etc) to allow the client to understand the problem
  • Reduction of environmental impact with minimal surface disruption
  • Can be used in an extensive range of pipe type and sizes
  • Increase worksite safety
  • Reduced risk and cost
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