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Which type of vacuum truck is best suited to my project?

Posted By Jet Stream Drain Cleaning  
11:00 AM

Specialization is key. All around us, we see specialists performing their tasks with precision and expertise which results in new limits of relentless efficiency. Our excavation projects are no different; we have specialist vacuum trucks and operators available for specific projects.

Hydro Excavation (also known as vacuum excavation, vac truck excavation or suction truck) is our speciality. It’s a form of non-destructive digging that uses high pressurised water and an industrial-strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil.

The big question is...........which of these vacuum trucks is suitable for your project?  This depends firmly on the type of excavation you are considering:

Combo Unit

Are you looking for a truck to move damp sludge? Does your project involve the cleaning of sewer lines, storm drains, and catch basins? In that case, a combo unit is an ideal solution to your needs. A combo unit is an excellent option when we are considering moving relatively wet material because of the facility of the storage tanks.

Hydrovac Truck

A hydrovac truck or a hydro-vacuum truck is also suitable for moving wet material. The advantage of using hydrovac system trucks is that it ensures success even for excavation of hard ground due to of the injection of pressurized water. It will also provide greater efficiency and directional control. The sophistication and safety standards of hydrovac trucks make this technique incredibly popular.

Depending on the application, our units range from

  • 2000L to 12,000L debris tank capacity with 4” and 6” vacuum capability to meet all requirements large or small.
  • Digging pressures of 1000psi to 6000psi with variant flow rates to break up ground conditions from soft, sandy loam soils through to clay, shale, and stabilised sand.

Contact us to find out which truck will best suit your project.