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Underground utilities and tree root location

Posted By Jet Stream Drain Cleaning  
13:00 PM

Hydro excavation and non-destructive digging is an environmentally friendly technique where high pressure water and a vacuum system are used to safely perform excavation work around underground infrastructures and tree roots.  Hydro excavation is a safer way to dig compared to other excavation methods.  In addition it requires less labour and reduces the risk of underground utilities being damaged.

The high pressure water breaks up hard ground around various underground infrastructure and tree roots, while the vacuum sucks in loose matter.  This slurry is sucked into a large tank on the hydro excavation truck.

Jet Stream Drain Cleaning's non-destructive digging is by far the safest evacuation method available to assist with the identification of cables, pipes and other underground utilities.   Our fleet is made up of modern hydro excavation trucks that are operated by highly trained and skilled team members

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